Look for no depth, reason or motive in the work you see on these pages, all art is subjective, the value is in each persons appreciation or desire to posses any of the work on these pages. Each peice is produced as a NFT, produced in limited numbers, none should be bought as an investment, but that doesn't mean that none will grow in value, be that Crypto or fiat! I will be interested to hear and read others interpretation of Forked Art, as that is as much art as the creations.

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  • Why Forked Art

    Where does art start or stop

    What is art, paint on a canvas, stone that has been carved, the question you should ask is, Why is art....!

  • Forked Art

    forked art with a crypto twist

    I take art that everyone knows and add a crypto twist to it.

  • Fresh Crypto Art

    Tactile Crypto themed art

    This art is more hardware art, tactile but still very limited

  • Crypto Fashion

    This art is wareable

    its Crypto fashion that is an NFT, it shows the versatility of NFT's and how they will impact the world, NFT clothing will replace "disigner" apparal, proven by NFT limited editions of the fashion you buy.

My identity is not important!

Art is subjective, art moves the observer, art in all its forms is meant to create discussion, in my work I use existing regognised peices of art and add a theme of blockchain and Crypto curranceies to them, I have my reasons for that.
You many add conjecture to that in your thoughts or opinions

Forkedart NFT'sto come